Puzziball Review (PlayStation Mobile)

This puzzle game takes a slightly different approach to the 3 star ranking system. Does that make it more awesome? Not really. But watch my


PS4 Makes the Most Money For Ubisoft – [LTPS #160]

This week has been pretty good. We got some PlayStation news to talk about. Sure, sounds typical, but whats that?! The SNES PlayStation Console that


Could PS4 get PS2 and PS1 Disc Playback? Last of Us for PS4. Major Layoffs Hit Sony Devs. [LTPS #93]

Sony’s been having a rough month. More layoffs, game directors leaving, projects cancelled, the works. While we do touch on that, we discuss the very


Tomb Raider is 60fps on PS4, 30 on Xbox One. PS4 users report new problems. [LTPS #84]

What a wild week, it’s been crazy. This week it was revealed that Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is 60fps on PS4, and 30fps on Xbox

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